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Feed the village

May 24, 2017

Elite physical achievement is laudable - and exclusive.

The fastest METCON, the heaviest weight lifted, the most insane unlocked streetworkout combo are all fantastic displays of athleticism and human bodies pushed to the limit.

We should appreciate elite athletes: the perfect mixture of genetics, anatomy, and privileged access to coaching from an early age are nothing without real, hard work. 
Record-breaking athletes have both the assets and the ethics. 

At the same time, my favourite part of coaching hasn't been my time spent with professional athletes, but rather, with everyday humans learning to move. 

A friend achieving her first pushups.
A senior able to play with her grandchildren.
A father banishing his back-pain. 

A rapier fighter strengthening her rotator cuff.
A mother healing her arthritis. 

A boxer improving his punches. 
A teacher rebuilding his knee. 
A writer learning the rings. 

Movement is incredibly transformative; in fact, it's every human's birthright! For millennia, movement has been our principle tool for interacting with & influencing our environment. 

... so why have we stopped?

Why is movement ability - something innate to us all - possessed in extremely high amounts by a very small segment of our population? 

Why are we SO uncomfortable in our bodies?

Why do we struggle with the physical?

Creating a space where we can guide everyday humans towards addressing those questions is one of our primary goals. 

Picking the choicest fruit at the apex of the tree is great - if you're able.

For most, focusing on the low-hanging fruit will yield the best return on investment. 

Even better? Take it one step further. 

Feed the village. 

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