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Movement is like music.

November 17, 2016

This is a great still from one of North America's most amazing musicians: Supaman. Check out his single "Prayer Loop Song", from which this still was taken.  

It’s undeniable that practicing and training movement has beneficial effects for the body.

Improved strength and mobility, better body composition, more endurance, increased power output, ad infinitum are some of the benefits gained from engaging in a movement practice. 

Yet, we know all those things.

And as amazing as they are, they’re not why movement is transformative. 


See, for 99% of people, movement is just background noise.

For most, It just is and we just do it. 


But movement is like playing an instrument.

You can bang on the drums or strum on the guitar all day if you wanted to. You’re “playing,” but if it’s not deliberate, then it’s just noise.

Same with moving.

We move all day as a consequence of being alive.

But if it’s not deliberate, then it’s just noise.


So why is a movement practice transformative?

It’s not about the gym. It’s not about exercise or fitness. Or what other people think you should look or perform like. 


Movement is transformative because it teaches you how to play your human body.

And in the process of learning how to play your body - and to attune your mind to listen -  you learn an awful lot about yourself.

Mindfulness. Patience. Compassion.

Perseverance in the face of adversity.

Responding to challenge with innovation.

The realization that reality is NOT static, but is to be dynamically engaged with. 


In the process of turning background noise into a symphony, you are forced to learn, grow, and become a stronger version of yourself DAILY, in body and mind.

I know of no other practice that does this as well as movement. 

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